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The HUB Business Network is an online, living, breathing organism of buyers and sellers.

A place where companies can find each other, connect, grow, and increase their brand awareness.

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An Exclusive Online Community of Businesses

Individual companies are taking greater control of their procurement, centralizing business practices and managing their vendor relationships!

How are you currently managing your supply network?

Spreadsheets? Emails? Are you feeling greater pressure to be more organized, productive, and cost efficient? There is a better way! Chances are, if you are using one of these more traditional (but outdated!) methods, you are experiencing some headaches that The HUB Business Network can help you solve.

The true power of the HUB Business Network lies in the interconnectivity of the data between Buyers and Suppliers –

All Under
One Roof


Comprised of multiple Buyer HUB companies where you create your own private supply chain. Invite all your suppliers to join your network while still having access to all vendors in the network. It is a private and secure way to better manage your vendor relationships, know the strength and validity of you supply chain and keep it current.


Suppliers are invited into a Buyer HUB by completing a private and confidential Self Managed Supplier Profile (SSP). You get a dedicated Private HUB Microsite viewable by Buyer HUBs who have invited you in. If you want to be visible to every Buyer HUB on the network? Purchase a service package and you will be exposed to everyone else in the network.

A Viral Business Model that is Community Powered

With every Buyer HUB that joins the network, the potential supplier base increases exponentially, creating rapid growth.

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